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Everybody today I'm going to show youhow to use my menu planner just a quickhow-to I keep my menu planner inside mymanagement binder but you can keep it ina recipe book or wherever you typicallyneed to quickly reference for your menufor the week now for my menu plannerkind of looks like an ode to stickynotesI actually went whole home managementbinder is kind of an ode to dry eraserand sticky notes I love them becausethey work really well for me the firstthing that you're going to want to dowhen you print and laminate your menuplanner is your populate your menu ideassection as you can see here we have aweekly menu plan and I have fourdifferent I have four pages of it sothat if I wanted to plan for the entiremonth I could easily do so or you canplan for just that week if you prefernow in addition to that is the menuideas section as I was mentioning thefirst thing you'll want to do ispopulate the menu ideas section I havehere drink ideas I have a page for saladand appetizer ideas breakfast ideas thisentire two pages are dedicated to mylunch ideas dinner ideas and ever thesweet tooth my dessert ideas now whenyou're doing this you can take the timeto think of all of those meals you'veever wanted to make but maybe weren'tbrave enough to try as well as all thetried-and-true dishes the dishes thatyou know your family really loves sohere I have them all color coded on theside here I have categories for yourmenu ideas so all my grains might gohere in this section my breads in thissection my pasta dishes my potatoesvegetable or legumes section and all ofmy sides are done at the bottom now ifyou take the time to color code it thenit'll be easier for you to locate andalso much quicker to putback the sticky tabs when you're donewith them now when I want to create themenu for my week for that week I canthink about the things that I might havea lot of supply of maybe I purchased alot of potatoes this week for becausethey were on sale so here I can easilygo to the potato section I know thereare several potato based dishes that Ican choose from and I'm probably goingto populate my menu my weekly menu withthose kinds of things so here I have myweekly menu plan in this I have SundayMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridaySaturday each day of the week going thisway and then I have a section here forbreakfast the middle section for lunchand this last section here for dinnerwhen you're placing these sticky tabsit's very easy to place multiple of themif you wanted to do more than one dishon that day or you wanted to includewhatever your dessert or drink oranything like that might be so it fitstoo but you can also layer them and athing I like to do is make sure that Iinclude some tabs say like leftoversbecause I know there are some days whereI'm going to try to make an abundance ofthat particular meal and that way we canhave it for lunch the next day or in mycase as I...